01. Standard Features & Tasks

Concept Design

Home Page Only (PSD Provided)

Custom Design

100% Custom Design


Mobile & Tab Friendly

Browser Compatibility

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Basic (Free) & Advanced (Price Includes)

Content Insertion

Text & Images

Update Website Yourself (CMS)

WordPress & Joomla


Small or Medium Scale Inquiry Forms

Photo Gallery

Projects, Events and Products Images etc.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics Integration

Quality Assurance

Checking your Website for Potential Errors


Provide Advices, Tips & Guidance

Web Hosting

Setup & Integration

Training & Support (For CMS)

Online & Visiting

02. Packages & Prices


  • Number of Pages : 05 Pages
  • Number of Days : 21 Days


(No Annual Fee)


  • Number of Pages : 10 Pages
  • Number of Days : 30 Days


(No Annual Fee)


  • Number of Pages : 20 Pages
  • Number of Days : 40 Days


(No Annual Fee)


  • Number of Pages : 30 Pages
  • Number of Days : 50 Days


(No Annual Fee)

Diamond I

  • Number of Pages : Unlimited Pages
  • Number of Days : 50 Days


(No Annual Fee)

Diamond II

  • Number of Pages : Unlimited Pages
  • Number of Days : 50 Days


(No Annual Fee)

03. Questionnaire

We ask these questions to get a wide understanding about the concept of the website. Through this, we can achieve a great advance when designing your website in a professional way.

01 Why do you plan to have a website?
02 What is the name of your company?
03 Describe your business, services or products you provide.
04 Do you have a logo? If yes, Please send it via an E-Mail. If not, please describe the theme colours of your business.
05 Do you have a slogan or a tag line?
06 Describe your target audience.
07 Who are your main competitors?
08 Did you analyzed their websites? What is your opinion? Send us few samples.
09 What is the difference between you and your competitors?
10 List 5 websites that you like.
11 What is the main focus of your website? What do you expected from the visitors who are going to visit your website?
12 Do you have an idea or suggestions about the structure of the website (Names of the web pages)?
13 What is the name of the web address, that you are planning to purchase? (Eg - www.abc.com)
14 Are you planning to create social media pages or launch social media campaigns in future? (Eg - Facebook)
15 If you have any other Suggestions, Opinions, Ideas or Comments, please tell us !

04. Terms & Conditions

Title Description
01 Design Changes No further changes will apply to the website design or theme, after the layout was confirmed.
02 Content The Design & Development will be started, after you have provided the following requirements...
01. Logo
02. Images
03. Text Content
04. Names of the Pages or the Sitemap
05. Answers for the above Questionnaire
03 Direct Payments * All invoices should be settled within 7 days from the issued date.
* There must be a 25% advance payment to begin work for the Website Template.
* After delivering the Website Template, You must pay a 50% advance payment to start the Developments of the Website.
* After completing the website, You must settle rest of the 25% of the payment as soon as possible.
* Please email a copy of the Payment Slip.
04 Indirect Payments * You have to pay a Compulsory Payment for the Website Domain (Web Address) annually.
* You have to pay a Compulsory Payment for the Website Server annually.
* Chargers will change due to the Dollar Rate.
05 Adding Updates after the Deliverance It will cost Rs.2000 per Hour.
06 Day Offs We will not provide our services on following days or date ranges...
01. Full Moon Poya Days
02. New Year Season (April) - 1 Week
03. Vesak Season (May) - 1 Week
04. Month of October - 1 Week
05. 29th of December to 2nd of January
06. Last Weekend of Every Month
07 Copyrights If you are providing us 3rd party content (Images & Text) from other websites, you MUST take the responsibilities of the consequences.
08 Web Business Model We provide Info Marketing Website Solutions (Display data & information) & Content Management Software Solutions (Update website yourself) only. We do not provide Online Shopping Carts or Online Ordering Software Solutions.
09 Tab Friendly Client should provide a Tablet to achieve this task.
10 Extra Features An additional fee will apply for extra features or services (Eg - Advanced Search Engine Optimization, More Inquiry Forms).
11 Package Prices Negotiable. But you MUST inform it within 7 days, after receiving the Project Proposal.
12 Project Timeline Subject to be changed due to internal or external reasons.
13 3rd Party If you gain help from 3rd Party Companies (Eg - For Online Marketing / SEO), we will leave from the whole project to avoid future risks and conflicts.
14 Diamond Packages 01. No extra features, widgets, plugins will add to the software due to security reasons.
02. If you messed up the content, design or theme, we will take an extra charge to recreate it.
03. We can not give a 100% guarantee about the data and code backups.
04. We will use a simple and light design due to security reasons.
05. After completing the website, we will provide a complete User Guide Documentation, Developer Guide Documentation, Access to Google Analytics, Access to Danula.me Clients Portal and a Documentation about Overall Tasks List. It is your responsibility to keep all the Documents, Links, Usernames, Passwords safe and share those only with the necessary people.

05. Our Portfolio

Please click on the button given below & check our Portfolio before take any decision.