What I Believe?

We are born onto planet Earth; this is our home. This is where we will die too. We are grown up by taking care of each other. There is a duty for everybody who lives in this world will have to fulfil; if everyone fulfils this duty, the current and the future humankind, other living beings and the planet can benefit from it.

The duty of each human being is different; depending on the country we live in, the region, nationality, society, religion and village, this could change. However, one thing is for sure; the ultimate duty of each human being is not to make financial profits or get enriched with cash. If we all stand to fulfil our intended duty, that will improve the world around us.

You definitely do not need money to help another human, animal or mother nature. There are many things you can do to make our planet Earth more sustainable for every living being. Your values, daily activities, hobbies and interests as well as who you are and how you smile can certainly make a difference.

Something simple, that you feel like nothing, could change a day or the life of another. It all depends on if you are really willing to do that simple thing that you are destined to fulfil. This will let you touch nature and the lives of others in a joyful way.

Your simple act of kindness such as planting a tree might not be that difficult, but the impact it creates on the planet is positive. It could be only you who plants the tree yet you have fulfilled your act of kindness to make nature happy.

Every single deed of each and every human has an impact on this world. I believe in doing what is right and that allows me to stand for the planet and humankind. This is what made me who I am today.

I love reading. I love travelling and exploring. I am curious and seek knowledge. I am interested in history and culture. I love photography. I love coding.

But I believe I have to give back to society with what I have learnt and experienced before death does me and mother Earth apart. My intention is to die a man of wealth; not material but spiritual. I want to die as a man of peace; no regrets about accumulating all to myself. This is all about our Non Profitable works and projects...!!!!!

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